Mt. Kailash (6,638 m/22028 ft) stands proud at the centre of Kailash range which is a part of the Himalayas and stretches from Kashmir to Bhutan. Held my multiple religions in reverence, Mt Kailash unites religious faith of Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Tibetan Bon religions. While Hindus regard the holy mountain to be an abode of lord Shiva, the Buddhist call Mt. Kailash Mt Meru and regard it to be the pillar around which the world revolves or even the navel of the world. For the Jains, it is the sacred place where the first Tirthankara Rishabhdev attained enlightenment. Likewise for the believers of Tibetan Bon, Mt Kailash ensures the continuance of the world and they regard the holy mountain as a giant protector of the world and Axis Mundi (centre of Universe). The only other place on earth that is revered by believers of multiple religions is Bethlehem.

Recently, a Russian research team added to the mystery of Mt. Kailash after it claimed after researches that this majestically sacred peak could in fact be a vast, human-built pyramid, the centre of an entire complex of hundreds of smaller pyramids.

Coupled with religious significance of this sacred mountain is absolute picturesque beauty ornamented by two faultless high-altitude lakes of Mansarovar and Rakshesa ready to enchant visitors with their turquoise-blue color. Mt. Kailash is also the point of origin of four very sacred rivers: Sutlej, Karnali (the longest river of Nepal and one of the major tributaries of the Ganges), Brahmaputra and Indus. Visiting Mt. Kailash is among other things a mixture of feeling the spiritually inspiring religious faith of multiple religions and the attached myths, beholding the magic of the Himalayas and its glaciers, and soaking the life of the yak herders living around.

Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar Tour
Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar Tour - 14 Days

Activities: Trekking, Sightseeing
A tour to Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar is a package of discovery, excitement, spiritual awakening, and untouched beauty of nature. Comprising

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Simikot Kailash Trek
Simikot Kailash Trek - 18 Days

Activities: Trekking
Sitting at the centre of Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, and Tibetan Bon religious belief, Mt. Kailash holds great significance for multiple religions. Mt

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