Celebrating Tihar (Deepawali) in Nepal this October

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Celebrating Deepawali “Tihar” this October in Nepal

Tihar (Nepali: तिहार) or Deepawali, Diwali in India, is the grandest festival of Hindus worldwide. Mostly celebrated in the Indian subcontinent, the festival tends to bring joy in both the celebrants and non-celebrants. It is also known as “the festival of lights,” hence, almost every household is lit throughout the night and extravagant decorations are performed.

It tends to arrive a fortnight later after the completion of Dashain, the another Hindu festival. It is widely celebrated in Nepal and India. Compared to Dashain, it’s observed with more grandeur and dazzle. The houses and streets are lit, kids crackle firecrackers and feasting is observed. It is the only festival which celebrates the common animals in Nepal; cow, canine and crow. Rangoli, decoration of a floor with variety of vermilion and colors, is observed in almost every household.

Visiting Nepal during Tihar can be the greatest experience for tourists. Having a great time during the festival is assured!

Tihar, according to legend;

“Tihar or Diwali dates back to ancient times in India, as a festival after the summer harvest in the Hindu calendar month of Kartika. The festival is mentioned in Padma Purana, the Skanda Purana, and other Sanskrit Hindu scriptures; the divas (lamps) are mentioned in Skanda Purana to symbolically represent parts of sun, the cosmic giver of light and energy to all life, who seasonally transitions in the Hindu calendar month of Kartik.

The fest starts from paying homage to Crows, followed by paying homages to canine, the goddess of wealth, cow dung (which is considered pure in Hindu society), and ends with Bhai Tika -an event dedicated to the male siblings of a household.”

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